MORE on The Snow Passes at AGM

OFSC “More On The Snow” September 17, 2016

By Phil Molto, Snow Goer Canada

OFSC Convention 2016

Snow Goer Canada and Snowmobiler TV were in attendance at the 2016 OFSC convention in Mississauga.  Over two days, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs with the strong support of the 400+ delegates voted to plot a new aggressive course for the organization.
New directions are nothing new for Ontario snowmobilers. Many of us in the room remember the days of the 1970s and 1980s when snowmobiling in Ontario, was a mix of private clubs and organizations.  Great progress has been made since those days when the OFSC, OTBA and private clubs united to make snowmobiling better for everyone.  At this convention, the delegates voted over 70% in favor of moving forward once again for the betterment of the sport.
2016 OFSC ConventionWhat does MOTS mean for Ontario snowmobilers? This initiative will help make more effective use of resources, especially groomers. The purchasing and operating costs of a groomer fleet are massive. The centralization of coordinating the groomers at the district level instead of club level will ensure the groomers are being used more effectively. This will result with you the sledder riding on better and more consistent trails. Once in place, this should help reduce the complaints we see online about trail condition differences at club boundaries.  A centralized approach will ensure the grooming fleet is in the proper place and location to deliver quality trails in all areas and districts.
In Ontario the number of regions is also changing from 16 to 12. This again is an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the way your permit dollar is working on the snow.

In the end, the “More On The Snow” initiative is about building better trails for the OFSC members and trail riders.

Getting the districts more strategically aligned and grooming within those regions done with a wider view, will result in better trails and more effective use of the permit dollar.
 We at Snow Goer Canada look forward to seeing the benefits of MOTS. Feel free to chat with us about it at the upcoming snowmobile shows and at the trails stops this winter.