E108 Trial Work Completed

Trail work has wrapped up on E108 between the North Junction (where E108 meets the 490) and the junction of E018 and the 460. 

Twin Mountains Snowmobile Club was successful in obtaining  funding from both the NTC (National Trails Coalition) and the OFSC for this project. Kawartha ATV Association and OF4WD also donated funding towards this project. Final approval did not come down until mid November so volunteers were left scrambling and working against the clock to ensure that all work was completed prior to the commencement of the 2015 snowmobiling season.  Mother Nature also played tricks with the weather which resulted in several days of work having to be postponed due to sloppy, muddy trails.

The 7 kilometre stretch along E108 between the junctions of the 490 and the 460 has been excavated, smoothed out and resurfaced in spots.  Water holes have been filled in and several new culverts have been installed along the way.


We are very grateful to all of our volunteers who came out and donated countless hours to ensure that this project was completed before the season.  Thank these guys when you see them around the shed because they are the ones who helped improve that stretch along E108.

Enjoy their work as you are sure to notice a big difference on this part of the trail.

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