No Staging at South End of TMSC 400

Sledders will no longer be able to stage at the south end of the TMSC 400 trail, commonly known as the old bowling alley lot.  The 400 trail has been rerouted across the west edge of the Lakes Community Church property and it ends at highway 36.  This new portion will enable riders to access the Shell station at the corner of  highways 36 and 49.  Riders will have a short run along the edge of 36 to reach the gas station.

The reroute across Church property is clearly marked with orange stakes, and we ask that sledders stay on the new trail and refrain from riding on the non-trail portions of the property.  There is also no staging at the Church and all vehicles will be towed.  Further,  there is no parking on Wilderness Park Road to the east of the Church.  There is a City of Kawartha Lakes by-law in effect for this road and all vehicles parked here will also be towed and ticketed.

Staging is still available at the clubhouse, at the bridge just north of the clubhouse, and at the Nogies Creek bridge right off of highway 36 on Bass Lake Road.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.